Buji kore kinin 無事是貴人




悲惨な震災で苦しんだ今年の日本。 少しは明るい月光が届くことを祈りながら、






Buji Kore Kinin: A well-known Zen term created by Linji Yixuan. The idea here, is that if you let yourself be as always, without pretense or artifice, you will find the Buddha reflected in you.


Mid-autumn. The clear moonlight illuminates everything equally.

Japan was confronted with extreme hardship this year. This unfortunate experience taught us how important and lucky we people are to live as always.


There was a student of Rikyu, who came to him everyday. Rikyu formally and heartily served tea to the student on every visit. The student said, "It is especially nice of you to treat me like this."

Rikyu answered, "A guest from afar, who comes to have my tea for the first time, would believe blindly whatever I give him as my way of tea. If I do not make proper tea every day for you, I won't be able to make proper tea when necessary."


This anecdote tells us that it is important to try to do things properly for anyone at anytime. Rikyu who treated guests from afar and his students equally was the genuine tea master.