Charity 2012 - Tea Gathering & Demonstration 『日本の伝統を楽しむ』

This is a rare opportunity to experience the Japanese traditional arts.
The Demonstration consists of incense appreciation, flower arrangement
and poetry composition together with tea making.

Sweets and a bowl of tea will be served in both Tearoom and Ryurei-seki,
in “Changing Season” atmosphere.

Date:           Friday, 26 October 2012 (Hari Raya Haji holiday)
Venue:         The Japanese Association, Singapore (120 Adam Road)


*The proceeds will be donated to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.


Luxuriate in the Japanese Culture – Flower, Incense, Poetry and Tea -





Kagetsu no Shiki - (Level 4 Auditorium)

Kagetsu no Shiki is the one of the seven exercises formulated for chanoyu training. It is conducted by a group of five consisting of on host and four guests in an eight-tatami mat room. The purpose of Kagetsu no Shiki is to master the seven merits of Chado spirit and technique in 18th century. Since then, many variations have been created by successive Urasenke Grand Masters.

Nakaoki tea ceremony – Afterglow - (Tearoom, Level 4)

本席(4F茶室) 名残 



Nakaoki tea ceremony – Afterglow - (Tearoom, Level 4)

Seasonality and the changing of the seasons are important in Chanoyu. Traditionally the year is divided by tea practitioners into two main seasons: the sunken hearth ( ro) season (November to April), and the brazier (風炉 furo) season (May to October).

Nakaoki tea making procedure highlights the changeover from the brazier and hearth seasons. In October, the brazier is placed in the center of the utensil mat (nakaoki) and the mizusashi is placed to the left of the brazier so that the host and guest may share the warmth of the fire. At the same time it is the time to appreciate remains of the passing season and lingering feelings.

Ryurei tea ceremony – a bowl of tea with ease - (Level 3)

副席(3F立礼席)  気軽に一服 

1874年、11代家元が時代を鑑みて考案した椅子点前。 亭主も客も椅子に腰掛け、立ってお辞儀をすることから立礼と呼ばれる。 時代を経て、14代家元が屋外でできる立礼棚を考案。16代現家元は胡座、水屋着でできる座礼式を考案している。


Ryurei tea ceremony – a bowl of tea with ease - (Level 3)

Ryurei, literally standing bow style, is the style of tea making wherein the host and the guests are seated on chairs. It was devised by Gengensai, Urasenke Grand Master XI, in 1874 to meet the needs of the time. Tantansai, Urasenke Grand Master XIV, created Ryurei-tana shelf unit for outdoor tea gatherings. Zabosai, the 16th and current Grand Master, has also created Zareishiki that requires no particular dress code and both the host and the guests can sit cross-legged on a cushion.

Tea Sessions

             Tearoom (4F)                Auditorium Lobby (3F)
Session 1: 10:00
Session 1:


Session 2: 10:30 Session 2: 11:00
Session 3: 11:00 Session 3: 11:30
Session 4: 11:30 Session 4: 12:00
13:00 - 14:00 Demonstration at Auditorium (3F)
Session 5: 14:00 Session 5: 14:30
Session 6: 14:30 Session 6: 15:00
Session 7: 15:00 Session 7: 15:30
Session 8: 15:30 Session 8: 16:00
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While you are waitin for your tea session

Please enjoy shows at Auditorium (3F) 
11:00 - 11:30

Picture - story reading

"Shoichi Kokushi" *1

11:30 - 13:00

Screening of Cha-no-yu DVD

"Chanoyu - The Sprit of Chado" *2

14:00 - 14:30

Tea utensils exhibition


14:30 - 16:00

Screening of Cha-no-yu DVD

"Chanoyu - The Sprit of Chado" *3

*1 The story was written by students of primary school in Shizuoka where few seeds were brought back from china to Japan by Shoichi Kokushi,one of three Japanese Zen monks who is recognised as father of tea, around 13th century.

*2 and *3 DVD introducing formal tea gathering with kaiseki.