About us

Chado Urasenke Tankokai Singapore Association was established in June 1991 as a membership non-profit organization and registered by the Singaporean government.


Its aims are to engage the broader community in study of Chado and to promote a better understanding and appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of Japan as expressed in Chado in Singapore.


In 2008, Urasenke Foundation Konnichian provided funding for the construction of the tearoom in Liang Court to serve as the centre for its activities.  

Chado - The Way of Tea


SEN Rikyu, the 16th-century tea master who perfected the Way of Tea, said that the Way of Tea is basically concerned with activities that are a part of everyday life, yet to master these requires great cultivation. In this sense, the Way of Tea is well described as the Art of Living.
The Way of Tea concerns the creation of the proper setting for that moment of enjoyment of a perfect bowl of tea. Everything that goes into that serving of tea, even the quality of the air and the space where it is served, becomes a part of its flavour. The perfect tea must therefore capture the 'flavour' of the moment -- the spirit of the season, of the occasion, of the time and the place.

The enduring allure of the Way of Tea is proof of its profound meaning for people --- not only Japanese, but also people of all cultures. Having been nurtured on Japanese soil, it represents the quintessence of Japanese aesthetics and culture. But, over and beyond this, people far and wide have discovered that life is beautified by this Way --- by the spirit that guides its practice, as well as by the objects which express that spirit and are an integral part of its practice.

The principles underlying this Art of Living are Harmony, Respect, Purity, and Tranquility. These are universal principles that, in a world such as ours today, fraught with unrest, friction, self-centeredness, and other such social ailments, can guide us toward the realization of genuine peace.